Our work is holistic. We build a strong foundation with unshakeable pillars of self-confidence, to help the student understand the challenges in making the right career choice. Our mission is to create a visible positive change, with long term benefits to the education and career of the Gen Y Gen Z students.

About RaaKnow

RAAKNOW OVERSEAS EDUCATION CONSULTANTS is founded to tap the student’s ability to get accepted into the world’s most competitive universities. It is a daunting task to narrow down to your perfect choice of career, like finding a needle in a haystack!

Students can focus on achieving their grades in their most crucial years, while we ease the entire process of providing relevant information, shortlisting of universities, assisting in applications, guiding in essays, resume and, SOP.

Scientifically proven aptitude and psychometric tests, are designed to find the student’s areas of strength, and identify the best fit courses, universities and study abroad programs, which would compliment the student’s academic results and preferences.

At RaaKnow’s, we handhold, mentor and guide you, through your academic journey, right from grade 8 to grade 12. We track your academic performance, build your profile, and equip you with the skills required to get accepted in the world’s most renowned and competitive universities.

RaaKnow Overseas Education Consultants