Aptitude test for students

Multiple Intelligence Assessment

The Multiple Intelligence test is taken to assess the levels of various intelligences in a student.

Every individual possesses all nine types of intelligences. However, our aptitude at each of the multiple intelligences can vary widely; some types of intelligences show up stronger than others. Students have different intellectual abilities and are more adept in some areas than others.

For example, some students approach numbers cautiously, while others enjoy the idea of solving complex mathematical problems. Alternately, one student may easily learn lyrics and musical notes, but struggles visually or spatially.

A Multiple Intelligence report is displayed at the end of the assessment. The report will consist of actionable points that you can follow to improve on your intelligences.

It will also identify careers and pathways based on matches of strongest intelligences.


  • Identifying the predominant intelligences.
  • Sieving the best-fit careers as per the top-tier intelligences.
  • Nurturing and improving the other intelligences.