Engineering college

Branch Selector Assessment – Engineering

Engineering Branch Selector answers all the questions of Engineering aspirants, by giving them a direction towards a specific branch selection.

The Engineering Branch Selector assessment report gives an overview of all the major Engineering branches along with a personalized preferential analysis.

It tests Spatial, Closure, Mechanical and Logical aptitudes, and matches the student’s interests with specific real-life work scenarios as per different branches of Engineering.


  • Assists the student in choosing the most suitable Engineering branch.
  • Branch selection is based on aptitude and potential employability.
Career in commerce

Branch Selector Assessment – Commerce

The common dilemma for students opting for a career in Commerce are :

  1. Do I pursue a career in the Finance or Non-finance sector?
  2. What are the suitable career options?

Commerce Career Selector provides answers to the above questions and gives direction for the student’s career choices.

The Commerce Career Selector assessment report provides knowledge on different Commerce domains. The report provides a graph highlighting the student’s interests and aptitude, and indicates whether the inclination is towards the Finance or Non-Finance domain. The graph also depicts the level of interest and suggests the ideal Commerce careers.


  • Gain knowledge on available Commerce careers in the financial and non-financial domains.
  • Get insights on the best-fit Commerce career options.
  • Matches activity choices and presence of mind to different Commerce careers.
  • Results are displayed in easy to understand graphical forms.
find a career path

Branch Selector Assessment – Humanities

How do I enhance my career options after I study Humanities?

Humanities Career Selector assessment report provides a detailed personalized analysis of all the Humanities career clusters. Based on the potential and interest levels of students, the report helps to choose the right career, from the vast array of Humanities career options.


  • Brief knowledge about all the Humanities careers options.
  • Mapping the student’s personality with real-life work situations of various careers in Humanities.