A K Shrivastava, Retd. Principal – Birla Public School.

Front-end Developer

“ It is with great pleasure I write this recommendation for Ms. Karishma whom I know since 2007 as the Principal of Birla Public School, Doha, Qatar.
She helped our students and parents, as to which stream and career to follow and what that decision entailed.
Ms. Karishma used to take lot of interest in each student and guided them through the Psychometric Tests and future market forces.
Parents feedback was highly encouraging.
I would not have any doubt in recommending her Career Counselling to all students and parents. ”

Maria George – Parent, Dubai.

Front-end Developer

“ Walking through the choices with you helped us to get things clear in our mind, so we felt ready to settle on an educated choice about the best university for our daughter. She is well settled and coping well with the course at UIUC. We will surely look for your recommendation once more when we are confronted with the following quandary. With two other kids other than Anna, I am certain this will be soon! ”

Glen Mason – Parent, Dubai.


“ I always underestimated how bright my son was until I met you. As until then, I had always thought his brains were in his football boots! Your aptitude assessment has given us a direction and enabled us to decide his senior school study options. Thank you.”

Anurag B Singh – Student, Saudi Arabia.

Art director

“ I lost a great deal of time scanning for the best Course (in Engineering) and Institution in Australia, and I was basically behind my calendar, Ma’am, you helped me spare one valuable year by quickly getting me admission and the course of my inclination. I wish you all the absolute best.”

Shawn Fernandes – Student, Abu Dhabi


“ I had an incredibly reassuring, strong and supportive involvement with your association. Directly from making an application to admission and visa information, you were extremely helpful and effectively congenial. Even though I was applying for a stream of medicine, I never felt lost and had your complete guidance. I am happy to recommend you to my friends and hope that you continue this commendable service of yours. ”